The Pet Food Bank

Welcome - We AreThe Pet Food Bank Network

The Pet Food Bank was set up in September 2014 upon our realisation that whilst there was much in the way of support for human poverty, no one in SCOTLAND was supporting the pets of those in poverty. People find it hard enough to feed themselves as a result of the economy and sadly have had to resort to using food banks in order to survive day to day. We noticed though our work that when people suffer, their pets suffer too and we wanted to be able to help keep pets with their owners at home, with the people they love. This ultimately will prevent abandonment, abuse and the need for pets to be put into re-homing centres such as the cats protection or the dogs trust, who are already over subscribed with abandoned animals.

Through our generous donators we have been able to work closely at grass roots level supporting pets in a diversity of environments from the small unfunded pet fosterers and independent pet rescuers, to the pets of those who are financially struggling or homeless.

The Pet Food Bank’s activities are many and diverse and we are pro active in supporting pets in need. We are active rescuers and operate extensive networks for raising awareness of lost & found pets along with our national rehoming database. We are politically active in campaigning for animal welfare and rights, as well as promoting good pet husbandry and education.

The pets in need are the pets we feed !