The Pet Food Bank

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To receive help from the Pet Food Bank your pets must be vet registered and be Neutered or Spayed. Your pets must be registered with a vet and as such have access to regular veterinarian treatment, including annual injections. If you are Unemployed this can be done free through the PDSA, there really is no excuse for failing to porperly provide for your pet.

All dogs must be microchipped - as of April 2016. This is the law, and you must enter your registration detials on this form which will be checked on the datatabse and verified. If you do not know your number you can take you pet to any vet who will scan your pet and give you the chip id number. This process is not open for any negotiaion at it is a requirement of LAW.

The Pet Food Bank does not condone nor support the private breeding of pets or animals and will not provide support to those who use their pets for economic breeding purposes.

There are circumstances where the Pet Food Bank will relax these conditions if we feel there is genuine reason for non compliance. We will judge each case on its own merit. We reserve the right to refuse support where we deem it is not in the best interest of your animals or pets or where we feel your pets are not being cared for in compliance with the law or in a manner we deem to be unacceptable.